Advantages choosing Autohome Roof Top Tents

7 Reasons to Choose a Roof Top Tent Autohome for Your Next Camping Trip

People have been sleeping in tents for thousands of years with the earliest known shelters dating back to 40,000 BC. Roof top tents haven't been around quite that long, having been invented in the mid-20th century. Even though they've been around for over half a century, many people have never seen one in action, let alone slept in one while camping. Let's look at 7 reasons you should consider a roof top tent for your next camping trip.


A roof top tent is a folding tent that attaches to the roof of your car, truck, or SUV. It's a self-contained unit that packs down into a hard-shell container. When it's packed up and you're driving, it only adds a few inches of height to your vehicle but when it's opened up and ready to use, it expands into a full-size tent. A solid flat surface is part of the package, along with a ladder, so once it's unfolded, it's ready to use.
Roof top tents offer several advantages compared to a traditional tent.

1. Fast and Easy to Set Up and Take Down

You don't have to worry about tent stakes, running fly lines, or any of the other setup needed for most tents. Open the container, unfold the tent, and it's ready to use. Some models, like the Maggiolina series from Autohome, open by lifting the top of the container straight up so you have walls that are flush with the edges of the container. Others, like the Air Camping series, open into a more traditional tent shape. Packing the tent up is just as easy. You don't need to worry about collecting all the stakes, ropes, and other gear. You also don't need to fold it a certain way and roll it up to fit inside a packing bag. Everything folds up into the container so it's ready to set up again the next night or the next time you head out on a camping trip.

2. Stay Away from Animals and Critters

A car top tent gets you off of the ground so you don't need to worry about animals or other critters paying you a visit in the night. You access the tent with a ladder, which you can fold up at night if you want to be extra sure you're out of reach.

3. You'll Be More Comfortable and Secure

A car tent is more comfortable than a traditional tent in several ways:
● You won't end up laying in a pool of water if it rains;
● You'll have better air circulation since air can flow under the tent as well as around and through it;
● The Roof Top Tent can provide a covered area for cooking or other activities underneath it;
It's also more secure since your tent is off the ground. You don't have to worry about people tripping over a fly line or kicking out a tent stake when walking around in the dark. This gives you more flexibility for picking a spot to camp as well. For example, you could set up "camp" in a Walmart parking lot in a pinch. You probably wouldn't want to pitch a tent on the pavement but being in a rooftop tent gives you more privacy and security.

4. Consistently Flat Sleeping Surface

Another factor that makes roof top tents more comfortable and easier to set up is the built-in base. The metal base gives you a solid, flat sleeping surface so you don't need to worry about rocks, branches, or other debris underneath you while you sleep. It also helps you avoid low spots where water can collect if it starts raining in the night.

5. The Mattress is Built-In

Roof top tents have a built-in mattress that stays in place when you pack up the tent. You don't need to worry about inflating an air mattress or sleeping pad and it doesn't take up any storage space in your vehicle. The built-in mattress is also more comfortable than most camping mattresses, especially the thin sleeping pads that many people use.

6. Better View

Being elevated gives you a unique view of your surroundings. If you're in a campground, you'll be able to see more of the surrounding landscape and if you're in a spot that has a particularly nice view, you can park your vehicle to give you the best possible line of sight. This can also help if you're in a crowded spot with lots of other tents around you such as an outdoor concert, for example. If you're tenting at ground level, you'll only see the neighboring tents but when you're elevated, you can see over the top of them all.

7. Easy to Keep Clean

Having your tent off the ground also means you don't need to worry about mud, animal droppings, or anything else making a mess of it. You won't need a groundsheet and won't need to set everything up again once you're home to give it a thorough cleaning. Even if the tent gets wet, it's easy to open it up to let it dry once the weather improves.

Where to Find the Best Roof Top Tents

If you choose a high-quality roof top tent from a reliable manufacturer, rather than a cheap roof top tent, it can last you for many years to come. Autohome was the first company to make roof top tents, starting over a half-century ago in 1958. We make a range of sizes and styles that can accommodate anything from a couple on the roof of a smaller car like the Mini Cooper to an entire family on a bigger vehicle like a truck or SUV. Explorers, reporters, photographers, and other off-road adventurers use our tents in extreme conditions like the Sahara Desert and the furthest reaches of Canada and Russia. Take a look at

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