This is the series of roof top tents with a reliable and proven opening in 2 steps: the 4 gas pumps raise the roof and, when necessary, the integrated Windstops guarantee further stability in case of strong wind. With Airtop, by lifting the roof, the textiles stretch automatically, reaching the ideal tension; this happens thanks to special arms and ad hoc springs perfectly optimized for the purpose: it is not necessary to carry out further distention or adjustment maneuvers to stretch the textiles. Only the Airtop series offers true roof top tents that can be opened in 2 steps, immediately ready for use. Beware of uninformed or ... too interested imitations or word of mouth!

The shells, as for Autohome tradition, are always entirely in Fiberglass, so as to guarantee excellent and well known quality. Fiberglass does not heat up under the sun and constantly maintains an environment isolated from heat and cold: an indispensable feature for a roof top tent.
Thanks to Fiberglass (unlike common plastics), the shells "made in Autohome" guarantee superior quality not only in terms of weather resistance and acoustic insulation, but also in terms of lightness. They also allow easy repair in the event of accidental breakage, thus avoiding the replacement of entire shells.
The Airtop series offers a wide range of models, sizes and colors: there is a solution for every wish and need. The very spacious shell allows you to comfortably store sleeping bags, vanity-cases and personal effects.
All in the name of travel, holidays and adventure!

Opening by gas-powered opening system
Volume about*:
Small 271L, Medium 305L, Large 340L

Opening by gas-powered opening system
Volume about*:
Small 271L, Medium 305L

( l*) Approximate value indicating the volumetric capacity of the upper shell of the tent, when the tent is closed