Autohome - ISO 9001 Certification

AUTOHOME® - UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

A company with an ISO 9001 certified quality system is a company offering the guarantee of a performance structure, evaluated by an entity above the parts, organized in such a way as to keep all quality standards under control at to offer an excellent flawless product. It offers greater visibility and transparency towards the relevant international markets, often required as a prerequisite or preferential requirement.

An ISO 9001 certified company is a company:
  • Setting up an suitable quality management system for its products and processes;
  • Analysing and understanding customer requirements and expectations ;
  • Providing that the product features were defined as to meet the customer requirements and the applicable binding requirements;
  • Offering the availability of the necessary resources to support the activities and monitoring of the aforementioned processes;
  • Monitoring and controlling the defined product features;
  • Doing its best to prevent non-conformities and adopting improvement processes designed to: Solve any non-conformities that may occur (including those that are identified after delivery);
  • Analyse the causes of the non-conformities and carry out corrective actions to prevent their repetition;
  • Handle customer complaints;
  • Implementing an effective cycle of internal audits and management review;
  • Continuously monitoring, measuring and improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.