It’s when you think you can’t be surprised any more, that something amazing happens. The result of extraordinary experience and numerous innovations, the Overland roof tent is the evolution of the concept. Identical to the evergreen Nino Cirani model but with new and captivating colours, this roof tent has perfect styling for adventure travellers. History changes appearances to meet new trends and Overland distinguishes itself here too. Not only for it’s tried and tested, ingenious, functional and rigorously windproof design, but also for its brand identity which outclasses any others in customer appreciation and sales. Like the rest of the Autohome range of roof tents, Overland includes the innovative and exclusive Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS) which means it can be used on any terrain, including slippery tarmac, with maximum stability. The innovative design characterizes its fabrics as well (certified at 420 grams) and assures both excellent breathability and waterproofing qualities, particularly suitable for harsch outdoor use. Available in three colour combinations: Grey and Anthracite in the Carbon Model, Grey and Burgundy in the Bordeaux Model and Grey and Beige (Sand) in the Safari Model. A roof tent fit for any adventure.



All the Overland models are available in three colour combination: Carbon, Bordeaux and Safari.
By varying the configuration of the “C” guide mounting rails, the tent can be mounted in two ways. Standard mounting, opening to the side of the vehicle, or Explorer mounting opening to the front or rear of the vehicle. With the Explorer mounting being particularly suitable for off-road vehicles.



Opening and entrance from the vehicle side for all models.

ac_ms_small SMALL
recommended for 2 adults.
Art: OLBX/01 – OLC/01 – OLS/01
Overland Small
Sizes: 130 x 220 cm
Closed h: 35 cm
Open h: 125 cm
Weight: about 54 Kg*
ac_ms_medium MEDIUM
recommended for 2 adults + 1 child.
Art: OLBX/02 – OLC/02 – OLS/02
Overland Medium
Sizes: 160 x 220 cm
Closed h: 35 cm
Open h: 125 cm
Weight: about 63 Kg*
ac_ms_large LARGE
recommended for 2 adults + 2 children.
Art: OLBX/03 – OLC/03 – OLS/03
Overland Large
Sizes: 180 x 220 cm
Closed h: 35 cm
Open h: 125 cm
Weight: about 65 Kg*


Opening and entrance from the rear of the vehicle. Perfect for off-road vehicles. On request, SMALL and MEDIUM.

ac_me_small SMALL
Recommended for 2 adults.
Art: OLBXE/01 – OLCE/01 – OLSE/01
Overland Small
Sizes: 130 x 220 cm
Closed h: 35 cm
Open h: 125 cm
Weight: about 54 Kg*
ac_me_medium MEDIUM
Recommended for 2 adults + 1 child.
Art: OLBXE/02 – OLCE/02 – OLSE/02
Overland Medium
Sizes: 160 x 220 cm
Closed h: 35 cm
Open h: 125 cm
Weight: about 63 Kg*


The several technical Overland’s innovations create a new quality and comfort which have never been achieved by tents using side closings. Autohome has completely revised/redesigned the basic idea of roof tents by creating an entirely new type of structure/frame. The indestructable frame incorporates brackets for the attachment of the access ladder. While the unique Autohome Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS) prevents the ladder from slipping, the spring loaded ‘locking device’ ensures the tent remains stable under any conditions.

1 - The travel over-cover can be quickly removed by the single elastic tensioner. The particular configuration always assures the maximum adherence also during the trip.

2 - The ladder is permanently connected to the base of the tent and allows to open quickly the tent with no effort.

3 - Overland is ready in a moment: your holiday can afford any comfort you would like to have.

Video Overland Tech-TV

1 - The reinforced aluminium ladder can easily be extended from 110cm up to 225cm making it suitable for any vehicle.

2 - The ladder has a simple to operate mechanism allowing full adjustment to be carried out even in total darkness.

3 - The strong structure consists of special profiles being incorporated in the frame, which give the structure the highest transversal rigidness.

4 - Small packed size, with tight fitting travel over cover, ensures stability and reduced noise.

5 - To protect against cold, wind and sand, a special zip fastener, can be closed at the base of the door.

6 - Support bars hold open the doors to create awnings.

7 - The windows are equipped with drip, mosquito net and double roll up, roll down protection curtains to be adjusted from inside through strings and zip fasteners: protection from wind and rain.

8 - The plates on the sides better fix the fabric at the base of the tent.

9 - The large openings are equipped with mosquito nets that can be closed by double slide zip fasteners.

10 - The outer of the bottom shell has been given a plastic coating, for incresed longevity, while the mattress inside, sits in an insulating protective cover.

11 - Each tent has two large storage pockets.

12 - The roof stakes are equipped with condensate proof covering: no need of additional sheets or inner cabins.

13 - Elastic tensioning straps inside the tent help to fold the fabric into place when closing the tent, particularly useful on high vehicles.

14 - Compression straps ensure the tent and bedding remain in place whilst travelling.

15 - Elastic strap, used to hold bedding in place when packing down the tent.


The most important thing about a tent is obviously the fabric and with OVERLAND by Autohome you can be sure you are getting the best there is. The superior quality is provided not only by the density of the material, able to guarantee insulation against the heat, cold and bad weather, but also by the stability it gives to the tent.


The density also helps to make the tent silent even when buffeted by the wind: there is no noisy flapping or turbulence.
The special Overland fabric is manufactured exclusively by Autohome with features that are able to match up to the toughest military specifications. As unlike conventional and unreliable fabrics – common in the mass market and discount stores - as possible.


1.The fabric is structurally highly performing and dense, guaranteeing maximum density for the tent even if it is 2 metres above ground.

2. It is breathable and does not require the support of additional bulky sheeting. These are generally used only to hide condensation inside the tent, without reducing it (something non-experts may not immediately realize).

3. It does not flap or make a noise in the wind or a morning breeze, guaranteeing a peaceful night and pleasant awakening.

4. With the Overland fabric, everything is flush to the walls of the tent, preventing the irritating “sail” effect in windy conditions.

5. The windows can be opened and closed even staying in bed.

6. No “balloon/ball effect” because the roof is stable, sewn tightly to the walls. No “flying” and no flapping.

For anyone sleeping well above ground these are vital features.
And that is not all…

7. In the evening, with the internal light on, no disturbing rays enter the tent; the thick, compact fabric provides maximum privacy. So, no peeping either.

8. At sunrise, the fabric remains dark, so you can stay in bed as long as you want.

For all of the reasons set out above, Overland fits an UNDOUBTEDLY SUPERIOR RANGE OF FABRICS.

A. B.

The closed tent can contain 2,3 or 4 pillows, depending on the model, and night-time accessories.
For example, a rucksack and blankets can be fitted inside the tent, so they don’t take up room in the boot or inside the vehicle.


When choosing a roof tent, the height is important because it shows how much room there is inside and how easy it is to move about, hence the comfort.
Even just a few centimetres more or less make a big difference: everything has been calculated to ensure that a person of average height (170-190 cm) can sit comfortably without the head coming close to the ceiling.
The overall length of 220 cm provides optimum comfort.


The width (SMALL /MEDIUM /LARGE) depends on the number of occupants.
The windows are big enough to give an excellent view and small enough not to compromise privacy.


Standard bases include 2 strong C-shaped steel bars to hook the tent onto the vehicle roof rails, using the clamps supplied.
All small and medium models have Standard or Explorer opening, with pre-fitted “C” guides (specify Explorer with the order). For Explorer, the guides are moved to the holes on the Overland floor.


Design Made in Italy means quality, originality and style.
A production process based on master craftsmanship and industry, characterized by high-quality materials, aesthetic taste, a care for detail, sensitivity to beauty and durability, making Autohome a leading and excellent participant in international competition.
The reasons for the worldwide success are based on a strong local artistic and cultural tradition. Just as a tree is nourished by the soil in which it is rooted, so Autohome draws from the skills and creativity of the territory, its art and culture.


A large number of accessories for extra comfort. To meet any additional need, they are quick to fit, easy to use and fully independent. Any Overland and Air-Camping model can be fitted with:
- Verandah in standard neutral colours: in matching Gray and Carbon, self-supporting, without the vehicle needing to be present on the campsite.
- Changing room available in the 3 Overland colours: Carbon, Safari, Bordeaux and blue for the exclusive Air-Camping range.
- Ground supports supports for Overland/ Air-Camping.
- The winter hood, for extra protection against rain, wind or cold.



Art. OL/04A - cm 200 x 200 x h 240

According to our testers’ experience, we have understood that also Overland verandah shall be independent.
Living & sleeping areas are communicating but at the same time separate rooms: it is the best solution to get a freedom of movement and at the same time a standing point of reference where tables, chairs, barbecue, food and drinks, etc. ... are kept.

Should the standing time be longer, the tent becomes a well-structured, comfortable and safe module, (art OL/06A) to go camping in a traditional way; this is possible thanks to its ground feet.

The framework is constructed from round anodised aluminium poles.


Art. OLC/07A for cars,
Art. OLC/08A off-road vehicles and vans

Sizes: Small 130 x 110
Medium 160 x 110
Large 180 x 110 cm.
Suitable for people, who “never stop”:
practical and lightweight accessory, it can also be used as a small verandah thanks to its zip.

The framework is constructed from round anodised aluminium poles.


Art. OL/06A

Four strong folding feet keep the tent raised some 25cm off the ground protecting the base of the tent from water, condensation and insects. Useful in campsites and residential areas that do not allow vehicles to enter during the night.



Made of resin bonded nylon fibre and aluminium powder. Excellent protection from the burning effect of the suns rays, and equally useful for extra insulation in colder conditions.
Quickly attached, by Velcro strips, and removed, it can also provide additional protection in the most extreme of conditions. Can be left in situ when closing the tent.


The exclusive Autohome security system allows all tents to be used on any vehicle: small cars, off-road vehicles, station-wagons, MPV’s (or people carriers), camper vans, and pick-up trucks... A universal, quick attachment system, allows you to position the tent safely in any position, with no risk of damage or modifications to the body of the vehicle. Various fixing kits are available to suit.

Video Universal System Tech-TV

1st Advantage:

All tents are fully independent for easy installation on the car roof.

2nd Advantage:

The C-shaped steel rails integrated into the bases of all Autohome models strengthen the structure and make it possible to fix the tent to the roof bars by means of special clamps.

3rd Advantage:

Just two people (standing beside the car) can easily lift the tent and position it on the roof bars without risk to the bodywork.

4th Advantage:

The standard clamps slide along the C-shaped rails to fix the tent in the desired position. This position varies depending on the type of car, to be used as a carryall or for best appearance.

The tent bases must not be drilled for fixing onto the roof bars.

No holes are to be drilled in the roof bars to secure the tent. This operation is prohibited by current safety regulations. It is not permitted to make changes to the roof rack.

4 clamps are provided as standard for simple, easy mounting according to the rules.

Universal System Autohome is a mounting system according to the standards, certified by T.V - ID: 0000024461. Beware of imitations.

An example of a roof rack for motor cars without water channels.

Connection for off-road vehicles or motor cars with water channels.

Attachment bars for motor cars with fitted rails.

Special Order: Roof Bars or Expedition Roof Racks available in Steel or Aluminium.


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