Grand Photo Gallery



It doesn’t matter where, when, with what vehicle: Autohome car roof tents have been and are unquestionably in first place for extreme camping, from its origins in the Fifties and Sixties to the offroad adventures of today.

Grand Gallery celebrates the journeys and successes of the roof tent par excellence: Autohome unique, original car tents, which have provided unforgettable nights of comfort during the most prestigious expeditions in the four corners of the globe.

The photographs demonstrate the quality of Autohome roof tents, symbols of offroad camping: excellent heat insulation in all weather conditions, from Asian and African deserts and the barren landscapes of Iceland or Tibet to rain forests and the snowfields of Scandinavia, total waterproofing provides a comfortable and dry night’s sleep, without mould, tearing, bumping and corrosion, guaranteeing maximum performance at all times.

Grand Gallery accompanies you wherever you want to take your legendary roof tent. Breathtaking landscapes, the sense of freedom, untamed nature and night-time bonfires, in the company of friends: the world of authentic Autohome roof tents: unique and original.