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Many publications have spoken about the Autohome products.
Here below there is a collection of newspaper articles, reports, comments and compliments from some of our users.

Roof Top Tents by Autohome Dachzelt - About Us

Eugenio Martignani
Top Wheels - Journalism & TV


"If you wear a "plastic-coated" fabric, your body will perspire and you’ll have a sauna even if it is not raining. Instead, if you wear a quality fabric, you’ll stay dry when it’s sunny and when it’s raining. Autohome roof top tents belong to the latter category of highly technical specialized products."


"Maggiolina is always the most classic roof-top tent" "Between Maggiolina and the competition, however, there is a big difference."


"Today Autohome is the undisputed world leader in the production of roof-top tents and they are proud of having five different product ranges."


"Do not believe that the fabric is the least important aspect and that it must only protect against wind or rain. On the contrary, the quality of the side panels is fundamental to ensure that life inside the tent is pleasant. For Maggiolina, Autohome uses high quality Dralon, a product manufactured by Bayer, because in 50 years they have understood many things".According to the testing certificates, Maggiolina has a fabric with air permeability of 53mm/s, which means it is a breathable fabric

"It was very cold although we were perfectly sealed: windows, doors and every opening was perfectly closed, but we never had any problem of internal humidity. It’s true: the fabrics are breathable... Autohome Maggiolina is the best product we recommend to everyone"
Honza Perclik - Raider

"I have worked in the fabric industry for many years, and I have always suggested to my clients to use breathable fabrics in the production of camping tents, especially when the space is greatly reduced...
... plastic fabrics do not withstand traditional stitching!"
Pozzi - Manager

"In my Maggiolina I never feel closed in..I really feel like I’m in a tent, not in a microwave oven."
Stephan Hoffman - Reporter

Roof Top Tents by Autohome Dachzelt - magazine

Eugenio Martignani
Top Wheels - Journalism & TV


Better quality, a precise design and an improved habitability
"There’s no getting around it. Only experience teaches us what is right or wrong, good or not good. The rest is all chatter you hear from people who are more or less expert and sometimes they are not even bona-fide.
Therefore if you want to buy a roof-top tent, listen to those who have experience and who have travelled and have been using them for a long time, and you will discover that Autohome roof top tents are those that are more popular, the most reliable, the most comfortable and the most practical."

"Maggiolina or Columbus have been our travel companions for many years: the sensation of safety that they offer when sleeping raised off the ground, is priceless."
Valerie Fontane

"To go on a journey, says Nino Cirani (an explorer who has traveled alone through Africa and America), as well as a special car you also need a special tent. I have chosen Air Camping by Autohome."
Andrea Willer

"Don’t waste time! The only tent which is fine is Maggiolina. Buy whatever you want, but make sure they are products made by Autohome."
Giulio Ferri - Tour Leader


You can see the reliability of a company when something breaks. But real quality is when you don’t need to use the guarantee”. It is very difficult to find real defects in Autohome tents.


Under the glass fiber of Autohome there is a well- insulated ceiling: it is formed by an air buffer achieved thanks to an alveolar panel and an anti-condensate layer. The result is better thermal insulation from cold and from heat, and better soundproofing in case of rain.


La tenda Maggiolina ha fatto storia e il suo sistema di sollevamento a manovella, che comanda due viti senza fine collegate tra di loro, è semplicemente geniale. The Maggiolina tent has set the standard and its crank lifting system, which controls two worm screws connected to each other, is simply brilliant. This is shown by the more than 160.000 units produced and client satisfaction:

"Everyone talks about wind, rain, cold and they say many things for nothing. Only Maggiolina with crank is the best, especially when there is wind."
Yuri 61

"n Norway we were afraid of feeling cold and the strong gusts of wind, but the solidity of the structure did not cause us any problems. With the handle we pulled the fabric tight, until we had “cement walls."
Rommy Carassi

"I’ve had Maggiolina for 20 years and the fabric is still perfect... it doesn’t give... With the crank I always manage to keep it pulled tight despite the age. Always in shape! Ah ah ah! Good Night."
Lory da Rimini

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine

Maggiolina: Fifty years and it does not show.
It boasts the first license for roof-top tents. Since then the Italian company Autohome has been able to extend the range and today it is the world leader in the quality of its products.

Once you have opened it, the tent is definitely more solid.

The Tester’s opinion:

"The real strength of these tents is all in the original idea: compared with the first model in 1958, the materials and the precision of the finishes have reached .levels of excellence, but it is the rivolutionary concept that has made, and still makes the difference."
Chris Simons - Gran Bretagna

"Thank goodness Maggiolina closes in an instant by turning the crank. With a ground tent, dismantling camp using only electric torches would have been a big problem!"
Pierre Moreau

"The vertical lift tents, like Maggiolina or Columbus, are a masterpiece of technicality, opening is instantaneous and the stability of the shells offer great safety... I need half the roof free, so I prefer Overland because it is more compact when it’s closed and it leaves me more space to manage the load on the roof..."
Paul Farrel - photo-reporter

"...a very hard and tiring journey, and sleeping comfortably every evening in a real bed was of great help..."
Bruce Lincker

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine

Our five-star Hotels... "Let’s avoid talking about the Hotels we found... they were rather disappointing in terms of comfort and cleanliness etc. But let’s talk rather about Autohome tents (Air-Camping – Columbus – Overland) which are often the best compromise for living these adventures in maximum Comfort. Well insulated from the ground, strong, wind-resistant, easy to open and close, built with very high quality materials."

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine

Nino Cirani
Top Wheels - Il raid automobilistico - Editoriale DOMUS


"...The solution I suggest is to use Air-Camping."
"...The maximum safety you can demand when camping."
"...With ground tents it’s always “stressful” having to mount camp every evening."

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine

All the Autohome tents have careful attention to detail, thanks to the fifty-year experience and the suggestions of the many testers who are always travelling around the world. But it is important to buy the right product from among those available on the market, and most of all to choose a well-known brand with a long experience.

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine


Just like a haute-couture fashion house, Autohome always comes out with new products, all made with the best materials and with the experience of over 50 years in roof-top tents. Autohome has solved the problem of condensation by using a Dralon fabric made by Bayer. Air-transpiring but waterproof. You can sleep perfectly closed and sheltered from the weather but with excellent exchange of air. Just like for any technical sports article, also for roof tents it is experience and the quality of the materials used that make the difference.

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine

Just like for any technical sports article, also for roof tents it is experience and the quality of the materials used that make the difference.

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine

Put a roof on your adventure.
A carbon roof: it is the innovative proposal of the Autohome Italy, undisputed world leader in the production of roof-top tents for every type of car. The Columbus Carbon Fiber is the flagship of the range.

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine


Undisputed benchmark for adventure professionals and lovers of holidays in freedom. "Autohome – now as then – accompanies the ventures of those who have written history. Because Autohome is the history of the tent..."

Roof Top Tents by Autohome Dachzelt - About Us

The great 4x4 expert, we are talking about the European leader in tents: Autohome. This brand is the first, the original, the one which created the famous Columbus and Maggiolina.

Roof Top Tents by Autohome Dachzelt - magazine

Good night! From our comfortable lofts.
"...wake up every morning in a different point of the vast desert. Get out of the tent and discover the beauty of a new morning: stretch your arms, breathe in the cold and pure air, filling with light and space, know the awakening, the extraordinary inebriation of only breathing, of only living... This beautiful description by Pierre Loti is the sensation you feel after a comfortable sleep, that only a tent which is well insulated from cold and rain, well-built with top quality materials and comfortable can give you, just like the Autohome tents..."

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine


A twenty-day journey with 8 camps in the desert, needs a remarkable adaptability and the correct equipment in order not to “suffer” since the winter nights in the Sahara desert are usually quite cold! So duvets and cushioned pants for outdoor dinners but then you need to sleep well, to recover the strength to face the following day! Fortunately almost all of us were equipped with Autohome tents.

Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents magazine


It is not only Giustino (Samuele’s companion in the adventures on the truck) who has the privilege of dominating the desert from high up, but also the lucky owners of Autohome roof-top tents. In effect, when the sun wakes us up it’s a great privilege to open the tent and dominate the desert from high up, it makes you feel like you’re a guest in a 5-star hotel.