Exploring the unknown! Columbus Carbon Fiber is the leading tent of its kind in the world. The special technical features and unique polymer give these roof tents unrivalled dynamic features. The new Columbus Carbon Fiber has a weight saving of some 20% over the conventional models, The general features of this roof tent are the same as models in the Variant range. The Carbon Fiber outer shell has strength properties similar to steel. The general features of this roof tent are the same as models in the Variant range. In addition to its strength, the Columbus roof tent provides characteristic Autohome quality: space, comfort, breathability, privacy and safety that only a roof tent fitted to the roof of the vehicle, can guarantee. Much more than a campsite roof tent: from extreme camping to a weekend in the open air, Columbus Carbon Fiber is ideal wherever you go.
Autohome: “ A simple silhouette and a great look "




Carbon Fiber


Shells are handmade by precision craftsmen, the best guarantee of quality: a quality structure, compact, pull-out, unlike ordinary plastic or similar products available on the market. The fiberglass insulates the inside from the heat and cold and can be cleaned easily (it is undamaged by aggressive cleaning agents).


small SMALL
Aerodynamic version,
recommended for two adults.
Art: CCF/01
Columbus Carbon Fiber Small
Sizes: 130 x 210 cm
Closed h: 30 cm
Open h: 150 cm
Weight: about 49 Kg*
Volume: about 196 l*
small MEDIUM
Aerodynamic version,
recommended for two adults and a child.
Art: CCF/02
Columbus Carbon Fiber Medium
Sizes: 145 x 210 cm
Closed h: 30 cm
Open h: 150 cm
Weight: about 55 Kg*
Volume: about 220 l*

Open H max 150 cm


All Columbus models open in an instant. By releasing the catch at the back, the tent will open thanks to two special gas springs (just like those on car tailgates) which lift the top whilst keeping the fabric tensioned.
Closing it is just as simple; you are then ready to set off again in total safety.

Video Columbus Tech-TV
With the tent open, the rear aperture is very large and has 6 variants.

Example 1
100% open.

Example 2
100% opening with mosquito netting closed.

Example 3
50% door upper opened with mosquito netting closed, giving 50% darkening and privacy inside the tent.

Example 4
50% lower section of door opened, with mosquito netting closed.

Example 5
20% upper door opened with mosquito netting closed giving 80% darkening and privacy inside the tent.

Example 6
Opening 100% protected by second, outer door. Fixed window that can be closed from inside the tent.

1 - Columbus provides extra storage area whilst travelling. The aerodynamic design with its ample storage capacity allows you to carry sporting equipment, travel accessories, bed linen, etc and keep them safeguarded from the weather.

2 - Two internal safety locks to prevent closure during gusts of wind are fitted as standard (when locks are inserted, the tent does not close).

3 - Available with: 2 roomy storage pockets, one per side.

4 - Arched door fitted on each side complete with roll up, roll down mosquito nets. Fitted with circular zips, they can easily be changed into windows.

5 - Large model is usually equipped of a standard opening on the back with dimming device (cm 90 x 90); the opening is protected by a mosquito net, allowing the access to back side and more ventilation at the same time.

6 - 7 - The aluminium ladder is extremely compact, foldable for travel or pull-out during the night.

8 - Osram® overhead light with 3 super bright Leds, including 3x1,5V batteries.

9 - Stowage nets, useful for sleeping bags, towels and personal belongings.

10 - Elastic tensioning straps inside the tent help to fold the fabric into place when closing the shell, particularly useful on high vehicles.

the innovative roof tents

The innovative and exclusive production of carbon fiber shells enables us to realize an exceptionally strong, yet lightweight tent.
Carbon fiber is a threaded structure made with highly technological materials called composites, as the fibers are “composed” , i.e. joined together to another element, usually resin. Thousands of fibers are made into strands, which are “woven” into a carbon fibre matting, known as the “reinforcement”. The matting is carefully laid into a mould taking into account the desired shape, strength and finish required. The carbon fibre matting or reinforcement is then bonded with a different element, “the matrix” generally a polymer such as epoxy resin.
This method produces structures of exceptionally high strength to weight ratio – much stronger and approx 20% lighter than traditional GRP shells. Their mechanical resistance (against accidental impact), thermal insulation, resistance to temperature range and weight are also far superior to traditional GRP.


You can’t control the weather. But in a violent storm, in high winds or blistering temperatures, Autohome has the right answer for comfortable tent life. The AIRLANDER, AIRLANDER PLUS, GRAND TOUR, EXTREME and AIRTOP models have always used prestige Dralon® (a Bayer textile). Unlike plasticized, coated or simply cotton fabrics, Dralon® is waterproof, strong and, above all, breathable. Every square centimeter of Dralon® helps to renew the air naturally, for genuine wellbeing and comfort inside the tent. The particular design of the fabric ensures insulation against both the heat and cold, and keeps off glare and excessive sunlight.


Breathability: 50.8 mm/s
Pick any portion of the fabric and hold it to your mouth. Blow hard. If you can feel the air on the palm of your hand, it means the fabric is breathable. With a breathable fabric you never feel the lack of air and can
breathe easily even when it is a hot night. And there are no draughts because you don’t need to leave the windows open to get rid of the moisture in the air.


Condensation is a natural phenomenon in a campsite tent. When the outside temperature falls below the temperature inside the tent, the moisture in the air condenses on the inside walls of the tent in the form of water droplets. This usually happens in the evening, at night or at high altitude when the fabric is coldest.
On the basis of many years of experience with the best materials, Autohome has chosen high-quality Airtex® for its new Airlander Plus 360° X-Large, Grand Tour 360° and Airtop 360° models. Airtex® is extremely versatile, is waterproof and strong, and transmits water vapour rapidly, removing it from inside the tent. So condensation is no longer a problem.


Transmission speed: 440g/mq/24hrs
Airtex® is a fabric that does not trap water vapour inside the tent but removes it naturally. This is the great difference with plasticized polyester, which is airtight and therefore creates moisture and condensation.


Loft and attic ceilings inspired our staff to give Columbus a false ceiling comprising an air cushion for extra insulation, sound and heatproofing, creating a safe, healthy and silent environment even in the rain.
This feature is provided for all Autohome shell tents.
There are three categories in the range: Columbus, Columbus Variant and Columbus Carbon Fiber.


Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature. The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti-condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain.



V= with the tent closed, this indicates the capacity (volume) of the upper shell, in litres.
The upper shell contains 2 or 3 pillows, according to the model, and other night-time accessories or personal effects.
For example, a rucksack, blankets, a beauty-case, or the ladder, the changing room, winter hood or other travel accessories can be fitted inside the tent, so they don’t take up room in the boot or inside the vehicle.


When choosing a roof tent, the shell height is important because it shows how much room there is inside and how easy it is to move about, hence the comfort.
Even just a few centimetres more or less make a big difference: everything has been calculated to ensure that a person of average height (170-190 cm) can sit comfortably without the head coming close to the ceiling.
The overall length of 210 cm provides optimum comfort and room for rucksacks or large blankets.


The width (SMALL /MEDIUM) is according to the number of occupants


The door is as wide as possible, 75 cm. The doors become large windows.
The size of the windows can be adjusted for optimum visibility. Even when the traditional version has the windows open (in a rough half circle) privacy is not compromised.


The rear door has adjustable openings as desired.


Standard bases include 2 strong C-shaped steel bars to hook the tent onto the vehicle roof rails, using the clamps supplied.


Design Made in Italy means quality, originality and style.
A production process based on master craftsmanship and industry, characterized by high-quality materials, aesthetic taste, a care for detail, sensitivity to beauty and durability, making Autohome a leading and excellent participant in international competition.
The reasons for the worldwide success are based on a strong local artistic and cultural tradition. Just as a tree is nourished by the soil in which it is rooted, so Autohome draws from the skills and creativity of the territory, its art and culture.


A vast range of accessories are offered for your maximum comfort and additional needs.
They are extremely easy and quick to assemble and self-contained.
Each of the Columbus models can be supplied with any of the following accessories:
• Verandah, being self-contained, it allows you to move your car whenever desired.
• Winter hood additional protection against humidity, cold and wind.
• Awning, a useful accessory for short breaks.
• Feet to place Columbus on the floor if desired.
Other accessories: roof rack for any kind of vehicle; space saving kit designed to store your AUTOHOME on your garage ceiling, bike rack etc.



Art. C/03A

Self-contained Verandah (200 x 210 x 245 cm high approx). Fitted with openings on all sides, it is very versatile and useful. Plenty of space for storage, cooking, eating and additional sleeping area.

Light-weight aluminium poles, anodized and adjustable.


Art. C/06A

Columbus can also be placed on the floor, transferring it into a conventional tent. Approximately 25 cm high the feet allow you to keep a safe distance from humidity, water and insects. Foldable and clutter free, they can remain attached at the base while in transit. Foldable and adjustable, these supports can be fitted easily where required. Useful in campsites or residential areas which do not allow vehicles entry at night.


Art. C/04A

The Winter hood is extremely easy to use thanks to the Velcro fastening. One half is attached under the Columbus roof, the other half on the Winter hood. The Winter hood can be attached and remain in situ, whilst travelling.


for cars (Art. C/05A-1)


for vans and 4 wheels drives (Art. C/05A-2)

A quick protection area that allows more privacy. Variable sizes according to the height of the car: width of the roof 150 cm, depth 100/200 cm.

The Columbus Awning is suitable only for Tents produced since 2017.

Light-weight aluminium poles, anodized and adjustable.


Art. R/TOP - S cm 180x180
Art. R/TOP - M cm 220x225

Confirming the distinctive features of the Columbus range by Autohome, Rolling top, specifically designed for the range, is easy to fit and provides extra shelter and space for even more freedom on holiday, whatever the weather.

Light-weight aluminium poles, anodized and adjustable.


The exclusive Autohome security system allows all tents to be used on any vehicle: small cars, off-road vehicles, station-wagons, MPV’s (or people carriers), camper vans, and pick-up trucks... A universal, quick attachment system, allows you to position the tent safely in any position, with no risk of damage or modifications to the body of the vehicle. Various fixing kits are available to suit.

Video Universal System Tech-TV

1st Advantage:

All tents are fully independent for easy installation on the car roof.

2nd Advantage:

The C-shaped steel rails integrated into the bases of all Autohome models strengthen the structure and make it possible to fix the tent to the roof bars by means of special clamps.

3rd Advantage:

Just two people (standing beside the car) can easily lift the tent and position it on the roof bars without risk to the bodywork.

4th Advantage:

The standard clamps slide along the C-shaped rails to fix the tent in the desired position. This position varies depending on the type of car, to be used as a carryall or for best appearance.

The tent bases must not be drilled for fixing onto the roof bars.

No holes are to be drilled in the roof bars to secure the tent. This operation is prohibited by current safety regulations. It is not permitted to make changes to the roof rack.

4 clamps are provided as standard for simple, easy mounting according to the rules.

Universal System Autohome is a mounting system according to the standards, certified by T.V - ID: 0000024461. Beware of imitations.

An example of a roof rack for motor cars without water channels.

Connection for off-road vehicles or motor cars with water channels.

Attachment bars for motor cars with fitted rails.

Special Order: Roof Bars or Expedition Roof Racks available in Steel or Aluminium.



Safety is priceless for us at Autohome and for this reason our research and development centre has always worked on two fronts: first to guarantee "no problem journeys" and second to ensure "peaceful nights".


The roof tent is a load subject to dynamic stress when driving on the road and like any other load outside the vehicle must be firmly anchored and give a guarantee of safety, in order not to become a hazard. Autohome roof tents are made
of the best materials to be solid and robust, able to withstand the stresses of the asphalt and the aerodynamic drag of the wind. They passed the stringent certification tests of the product and materials to travel years and years without problems.




The same attention we paid to dynamic security was also given to the quality of sleep. First choice materials, accurate finishes, attention to details mean that in the Autohome tent you sleep in a real bed, insulated from the heat and cold and soundproofed from rain noise.


There are roof tents on the market that do not have any real product certification. Beware of certifications such as ISO 9001 that some sellers advertise, because they concern the company organization and are not at all a guarantee of quality and security of the tent you are going to buy.
On the contrary, Autohome roof tents have passed stringent quality tests of the materials used, carried out in the laboratories of qualified Bodies, including the German TÜV.

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