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2 December 2016
Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents testimonial

Motta Gianfranco


Experienced raider who has been owning Maggiolina for about 15 years
“A wonderful place at the boundaries with Algeria. Spire roofs and wonderful king-posts of sandstone where it is very easy to get lost. Very small passages, with very soft sand. A show that shall not be missed. Anything that moves on sand annoys me: with Maggiolina I solved my problem.” 

2 December 2016
Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents testimonial

Any Soares di Capoverde e Daniele Benzi di Milano


“Our team is composed of graphics and photographers who love our job and push us with the right quantity of creativity and curiosity to discover always new ways.
The magic forces dominating the reign of Nordic legends seem to have inspired our trip up to the point in which the last sun ray appears. It is wonderful!”

2 December 2016

Gaetano Barbagallo

Sostenitore dell’Organizzazione Umanitaria Bambini nel Deserto

On September 25th, 2000 the first BnD expedition to Morocco has started; only one vehicle, two persons, a huge load and a few certainties. It has been a great success above all in human terms and many other expeditions followed the first one. In a few years we succeeded in reaching many countries: sometimes bringing a few boxes of medicines, pens or work books, but always and directly in the hands of those who needed them.

2 December 2016
Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents testimonial

Mìla Janàcek


“Across the Atlantic Ocean by a wooden boat equipped with a dragon head… More than thousand years ago, people should have a particular inward conviction to launch in such an adventure. Nowadays, people can count on the reliable Maggiolina tent, a safety at any latitude, in case of long journeys, at any weather condition, wind, cold, rain.”