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Autohome Dachzelt - Marta Solcovi Roof Top Tents
Radek and Marta Solcovi
23 January 2020
Autohome Dachzelt - Roof Top Tents Expedition Portal
16 June 2020
Autohome Dachzelt - Roberto Maschietto Roof Top Tents

Autohome Dachzelt - Roberto Maschietto Roof Top Tents

“I’m an off-road enthusiast, organizer of Land Rover events at the top of the Italian scene and not least in love with the trip that often took me away from the common routes of tourism. Today for my first solo tour of the world I chose an Autohome roof tent, Columbus Variant model, to install on my Defender 110.
I started with an old ’80s Maggiolina tent, renovated several times but still a very good outdoor companion today.
My love to enjoy the sight, sounds and perfumes, that waking up every day in a new place gives me, finds the right combination with Autohome. Thanks to which I chose to pursue a long-suffering dream.”