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Ludwig Schmid


The expert’s opinion

Ludwig Schmid offers professional off-road equipment. He is one of the best southern Germany specialists in the fitting and preparation of vehicles for long-distance adventure travels. Thanks to his high-level mechanic job and to being part of the DTM Audi (GT-series) team at the Rally Dakar, he also has a wide and qualified experience in off-road. His passion for the off-road world has been handed on from his father. As he remembers: “I’ve always been fascinated by off-road, by the spirit of freedom, the contact with nature that makes it unique. At the same time, this is a world where technology is essential and precision and rationality are necessary. This is probably why I managed to make a job out of my passion. I love not having any barrier between my hobby and my job”. It is not a coincident that, apart from the off-road, his favorite hobbies are fishing, hunting, skiing and ice hockey. Hitting the road is what makes him happy the most and makes him able to improve his professional skills.

“His” tent is Maggiolina Grand Tour 360°

Luggi travels a lot by using roof tents, especially in Europe in any season. His tents have always been from Autohome. He prefers the difficult weather conditions of the North and during his journeys he came up with the idea of optimizing the Maggiolina tent; using his intuition the Maggiolina Grand Tour 360° was created. “This is a tent that in its basic project has been designed to offer great space in the inside and maximum view outside. Moreover, it is very solid and stable, so much that it can be used as a trunk during the journey. On the top shell of the rooftop tent it also offers roof racks to load some more material. Thanks to my advices, the production department highlighted the characteristics of Maggiolina and made Grand Tour 360° the ideal tent for every climate: thanks to the wide windows, it’s ideal for hot weather a d for those needing high protection from bad weather. A further element that I highlighted is the necessity to get maximum protection against insects. A demand that is shared by journeys to North and South alike. Thanks to a high-quality darkening net, Maggiolina Grand Tour 360° protects your privacy by keeping good air circulation. This is due to AIRTEX® fabric on the side walls: waterproof yet able to expel water vapor outside the tent. Moreover, I always appreciated the great accuracy with which Autohome has thought through and created this product. For example, he fact that doors and windows can be partially or totally darkened for a maximum comfort."

People Cheering and Camping - Roof Top Tents by Autohome
People Cheering and Camping - Roof Top Tents by Autohome